Horse Arena Footing Material

At American Recycling Center, we supply shock-absorbent rubber granules that can be added to your horse arena footing. The industry standard and most common size recommended is 1/2 to 5/8 granule. Custom grind sizing may be available upon request. 

Our Product About Our Horse Arena Footing Rubber Material

Our rubber granules are made from non-tire recycled industrial rubber, 100% free of any wire, metal or other foreign material. The shock-absorbent rubber granules can be added to your horse arena footing to help reduce the possibility of joint stress and injury for horses. In most outdoor and some indoor applications, horse arena footing made from rubber granules will lengthen the riding season. The freezing point of rubber is very low which enables the surface materials to remain loose and not completely freeze. Our rubber is screened to remove harmful rubber dust. The pure rubber granules do not decompose as some natural footings will. Adding rubber to your footing may also help slow down the sand from its natural breakdown. Get in touch with our Sales Team below to learn more.

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