Urethane Binders

American Recycling Center has partnered with top industry manufacturers to offer polyurethane binders, including product options for both Aliphatic Urethane Binders and Aromatic Urethane Binders.

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Our ProductsAliphatic Binders

Our non-yellowing aliphatic binders are perfect for showcasing bright colored rubber surfaces. Due to their excellent UV stability and binding characteristics, our aliphatic binders are commonly used in rubber surfaces for playgrounds, walking paths, pool decks, and patio applications. 


Our ProductsAromatic Binders

American Recycling Center offers a range of aromatic binder products to cater to varying installation needs across different climates. Our specially formulated aromatic binders have a strong bond strength suitable for playgrounds, rubber running tracks, and other sport surfaces.

About Our Products

Choosing the right urethane binder for your safety surface depends on the type of application and the climate of where the binder will be installed. Be sure to view our SDS & TDS forms to learn more about our individual products and how they can best suit the needs of your project.

Aliphatic Binders

Our aliphatic binders are known for their excellent binding qualities, UV stability, and chlorine resistance (only in some specialty aliphatic binders). These binders are non-yellowing, which makes them perfect for highlighting vibrant colored rubber surfaces. As a result, they are an ideal urethane binder for playgrounds, pool decks, walking paths, and patio applications. American Recycling also provides aliphatic maintenance products to assist with maintaining the safety surface. 

Aromatic Binders

Our specially formulated aromatic binders are intended to guarantee a strong bond strength in playgrounds, rubber running tracks, and other safety surfaces. We provide a complete line of aromatic binder products to satisfy contractor requirements for installations in various climates.

Most of our urethane binders are available in 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, or 275 gallon IBC totes. 

Urethane Binders

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